Halo Brace

Making Life Comfortable While Wearing a Halo Brace

A halo brace, also called a halo neck brace, a halo vest, a halo crown or a halo ring, is one of many back support products that keeps the head and neck stationery following spinal cord injuries. Unlike a cervical collar which is worn around the neck, the halo brace is constructed of a metal frame that circles the head without actually touching it and is held in place by pins that are surgically screwed into the skull. Because a halo neck brace may have to be worn during the healing process for a number of months, knowing how to make life as comfortable as possible while wearing it can be extremely important to the patient's positive outlook.

It is essential to keep the sites where the pins are inserted as clean as possible while wearing the halo. This can be done carefully using cotton tips soaked in either medical grade saline solution or a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. This prevents infection and eliminates the possibility of scarring once the halo brace is removed.

While washing or bathing daily, try to prevent the halo brace from getting wet or submerged in water by protecting it with a cloth or towel. A combination of rubbing alcohol and water is effective for cleaning any skin located under the vest portion of the halo brace.

Modified t-shirts are among the most comfortable clothes to wear while wearing a halo brace, as are dress shirts that button up the front, v-neck sweaters and vests. Stay as warm as possible in cold weather to prevent feeled chilled which will automatically tense the neck muscles. Using complimentary devices such as a back support belt can also help while wearing a halo.

In order to find a comfortable sleeping position while wearing a halo neck brace, use an angled pillow or several pillows piled atop one another. A foam wedge also helps to cradle the halo brace while you sleep in a reclining position.