Halo Head Brace

Halo Head Brace for supporting injuries!

Halo braces are the ones used for the initial treatment of the condition known as “odontoid fracture”. These are used by people who are suffering from a fracture in the cervical vertebrae of their neck, particularly on the second part of the vertebrae. A halo head brace lets a person have mobility while applying cervical traction to his neck injury. A halo head brace consists of four parts; the metal halo ring, four pins to attach the ring to the skull, two pins for the eyes and two pins behind the ears, a plastic vest that positions and holds the halo ring in place and a liner made of wool which is under the plastic vest.

Another type of support brace is a gel brace. A gel brace is made of rigid foam and has a removable gel insert. This type of support brace is designed to provide support and hot or cold therapy on the injured part of the body. The gel insert on the brace can be frozen for cold therapy to reduce the swelling, or it can be heated in a microwave for heat therapy, to enhance the flow of the blood and stimulate recovery.

A back brace is a device designed to limit the motion of the spine, if a person has a fracture or in post-operative fusions. The soft brace is a common type of back brace, which is an elastic brace that limits forward motion and helps in setting spinal fusions or supporting the spine during stress, such as work that requires lifting. SpineCor Brace is a widely-used soft brace nowadays. The SpineCor Brace comes with a harness, and it wraps around the body with elastic bonds, pulling against the curves and rotations of the body.

An adjustable brace is made to fit the size of the person who would be wearing it. A good example would be the Easy fit Ankle support brace, which can be adjusted and can fit inside the patient’s shoe. There is as well and adjustable Ace knee Brace, which helps in relieving the pain from a knee. An adjustable brace is a brace whose size can be customized, depending on the patient’s fit. You could find most of the braces online, and they come complete with all their features and prices. There are also different online shops that offer braces for good prices. These braces differ in brand and type, depending on the needs of the person who will be using them.