Halo Brace Advice

Halo Brace Advice – Follow the guidelines!

Halo brace advice is the precautions you have to take after wearing braces. Wearing braces alone is not sufficient, and you have to take some precautions as well. You have to take precautions in everything from bathing to eating.

While bathing you have to make sure that you are sitting and those people whose balance is not accurate or is altered, should first lie down and then take a bath with somebody’s help. You should not take a shower bath. Also remember to try and not get your vest wet. If you make a mistake and wet it, don’t panic. Dry it with a blower by staying away from blower as far as possible. Also don’t apply any type of lotions and powder on the body.

Maintain your diet and even your weight otherwise the vest has to be changed as the vest is especially designed for every person according to his neck.

Do not tighten the nuts of your brace yourself if you feel it is loose. Go to your doctor for this.

Regularly shampoo your hair by following some precautions, as dandruff can cause concern. All these are halo brace advice, which you have to strictly follow.

Ankle braces are equipment used by the sports persons, mainly so that their ankle doesn’t get injured. People with the ankle injuries, may also use ankle braces to cure the injury. There are two types of ankle braces available in the market; these are lace-up braces and stirrup braces.

The Scoliosis brace is a brace which is used to cure scoliosis disease, in which the spine of a patient is curved and s-shaped. There are two types of scoliosis brace available in the market. These are custom based brace and a brace made of prefabricated mould. Braces must be regularly worn by the patient for a number of hours prescribed by the doctor. Milwaukee brace and thoracolumbosacral orthosis brace are the two different braces under this category. Milwaukee brace is used for curing any curve in the spine and it has a neck ring. The thoracolumbosacral orthosis brace is a brace for curing the curve whose apex lies on or under eighth thoracic vertebra.

The Carpal tunnel brace is equipment used to cure carpal tunnel in which the main nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to numbness and muscle weakness. Capital tunnel brace has a built-in-traction system. If you place you hand on the brace, it helps in increasing traction on the wrist and finally reducing pain.