Halo Brace

What is a Halo Brace?

Halo Braces are medical equipment used to immobilize parts of the body to facilitate healing after a spinal injury. These braces help to prevent further damage to the spine by limiting the movements of either the head, back, or neck.

The halo head brace is used when a person is suffering from a fracture in the cervical vertebrae of the neck. It consists of four parts: a metal halo ring, four pins that attach to the ring, a plastic vest, and a liner to wear under the vest. This halo brace applies cervical traction to the neck injury while still allowing a level of mobility.

The halo neck brace is used to limit movement of the neck, which also minimizes pain from a spinal injury. These braces, also called cervical collars, can be either soft or rigid. The soft neck brace is usually made of thick foam rubber covered in cotton. Whereas, the rigid brace is constructed of two pieces of molded plastic and allows for very little if any movement of the neck. 

There is a wide range of halo back support products. Some back braces are used for lower back pain. These are called back support belts and include the trochanteric belt, and the lumbosacral and sacrioliac belt. Other back braces are used to cure scoliosis and sprains in the back. The rigid back braces (william brace, chair-back brace, and raney flexion jacket) are used to stabilize the lower back.

There are many types of halo brace and the uses for each of them cover a very wide range of diagnosis.