Halo Neck Brace

Halo Neck Brace – An unwished need!

The Halo neck brace is prescribed to you by the doctor when you have an injury in your spinal area or you have had a surgery. Braces help in immobilizing your spine during healing. A halo neck brace also helps in controlling pain by restricting your neck movements.

There are two halo neck brace options available in the market soft neck brace and rigid neck brace.

A soft neck brace is made of thick foam rubber and coated with cotton. It gives support to your neck and also gives relief from pain given by injury.

A rigid neck brace is made of molded plastic with removable liner in two pieces a front piece and a back piece. This brace is only prescribed when you have had a fracture or severe injury and it restricts your neck.

There are many types of back braces available in the market. Back braces are used by the persons when they are suffering from back pains. Some of the common braces of this type available in the market are the trochanteric belt, lumbosacral belt, corset and rigid brace.

The trochanteric belt is prescribed to anyone for sacroiliac joint pain and even to stabilize pelvic fractures. It looks like a regular belt and it is 8 cm in width and has buckles in the front.

The lumbosacral belt is used to cure pain in lower back area. It is made of heavy cotton and it is reinforced. This belt is 10-15 centimeters in width or 20-30 centimeters in width. It helps in preventing fluctuation by supporting the joints between the hip bone and the sacrum at spinal base.

A corset provides stiff support to the back. It comes in different lengths. The short one is used for lower back pains while the longer one is used for mid to lower thoracic spine.

Cervical spine surgery is performed by your surgeon to relieve you from pain, numbness, tingling and weakness. This is done by removing a bone or a disc from your spinal area and joining the vertebrae with a bone graft. It can be joined either at the front or the back. Sometimes metal plates are also used to stabilize the spine. Cervical spine surgery is performed for many cervical spine related problems disorders or instability.

Scoliosis is an ailment related to a person’s spinal cord, where the spine becomes s shaped like a snake, and it can also be rotated. The scoliosis brace is available in the market for the correction of this ailment. There are two types of scoliosis brace options to cure this ailment. One is custom made and another is made of a prefabricated mould.