Back Brace

Halo Back Brace – Important equipment!

The Halo back brace is equipment used for curing back pains. There are different types of halo back brace options available in the market, such as trochanteric belt, lumbosacral and sacrioliac belt, corset and rigid brace.

The trochanteric belt is a type of halo back brace, which is used for curing sacroilac joint pain or to stabilize pelvic fractures. The belt is like a common belt and is 8 cm in width. This belt helps in reducing the pain from an injury.

The lumbosacral and sacroilac belt is a belt which is used for curing lower back pains. It is usually made of heavy cotton and it is reinforced, so that it stays light. The width of the belt varies between 10-15 centimeters and 20-30 centimeters. It helps in preventing fluctuation by supporting the joints between hip bone and sacrum at spinal base. The belt gives very much relief from the pain.

The corset is another type of halo back brace and it comes in two different sizes - short and long. While the short version helps in curing the lower back pain, the longer one helps in curing pains in mid to lower thoracic spine. It is held by shoulder straps. These are made up of metal and gives stiffness and support to the back, thus giving relief from the pain.

A rigid brace is prescribed by the doctor in the times of low back pain spinal instability. There are three types of rigid brace options available; these are william brace, chair-back brace and raney flexion jacket.

The lumbar back brace is an equipment used so that the healing of the lumbar spine or thoracic. The brace is worn so as to fasten the healing process by giving a support to the back. There are two types of lumbar back brace commonly used. These are the corset and elastic belt. This elastic belt is also worn by sportsmen and persons during heavy weight lifting.

Lower back brace is a belt like equipment, which is worn on your lower back area so that you get relief from lower back pains. Lower back brace helps in reducing pain and inflammation by compressing the affected area.

The adjustable back brace is a very light in weight and even comfortable for lower back. The adjustable back brace is recommended for strains and sprains in the lower back area. It helps in relieving you from pain.

A scoliosis back brace is a brace that is used to cure scoliosis, which happens when the spinal cord of the patient is curved and becomes s-shaped like a snake. The scoliosis back brace helps in removing the pain as well as curing the ailment to maximum extent.

The magnetic back brace is used for relieving your back pain by using magnetic fields. This magnetic beck brace helps in improving circulation, inducing relaxation and increasing wellbeing.