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Halo Brace

A halo brace is medical equipment like a plaster cast, which is worn by a patient when he has a fracture in his neck.

Halo Head Brace

Halo braces are the ones used for the initial treatment of the condition known as “odontoid fracture”.

Halo Neck Brace

The Halo neck brace is prescribed to you by the doctor when you have an injury in your spinal area or you have had a surgery.

Back Brace

The Halo back brace is equipment used for curing back pains. There are different types of halo back brace options available in the market.

Halo Brace Advice

Halo brace advice is the precautions you have to take after wearing braces.

Intro to Spine & Neck Injuries

Major injuries sustained to the neck or spine must be cared for in a special way with a halo brace.

Healing for Neck Injuries

Halo brace is a univerally used tool for the ensured healing of major neck injuries.

Wearing A Halo Brace

A Halo brace must be adopted into your lifestyle with some tweaking.

What Is A Halo Brace

A Halo brace is a piece of medical equipment used to immobilize parts of the body to facilitate healing after a spinal injury.