Halo Brace

Halo Brace – You can’t neglect it!

A halo brace is medical equipment like a plaster cast, which is worn by a patient when he has a fracture in his neck. Wearing a halo brace saves you from staying in bed for a very long time. Even after applying it, you have to make some change in your daily life.

These changes are known as halo brace advice. You have to follow every advice given by your doctor whether bathing, dressing, eating habits and many more, such that you recover at your earliest. Your physician will give you a list of halo brace advice so that you don’t have to face any problem.

Some of the precautions are as follows while bathing you have to sit and then bath and those with balance problems should first lie down and then take a bath with someone’s help. You should never take a shower bath. During bathing don’t let your liner or vest to be wet and if by mistake it is, dry it with a dryer. Make sure you stay away from dryer and don’t use lotions and powder.

You should regularly wash your hair otherwise dandruff can be a matter of concern. Take precautions like tying a towel through the bars of the brace and inserting it under vest so that liner doesn’t get wet; ask someone to wash your hair, rinse it well and then dry it with towel at first, and use a blower to dry it completely.

When it comes to clothing, wear large shirts or v-neck sweat shirts. Don’t go for tight fitted clothes but choose items that are as loose as possible. Wear a blouse with a zipper or neck drawstring. Always wear flat heeled shoes, sturdier is also a better option.

Take a diet as prescribed by your doctor, because weight may be a problem as your halo vest is specially designed so as to ensure stability of the neck.

If your halo brace feels loose don’t tighten up by yourself, visit your physician instead.

There are different types of halo braces available in the market, for many different purposes: like a halo neck brace used for neck, a halo ankle brace used for the ankle and many more like this. Halo braces are used to cure your injured part and help in fast recovery of your injury.

There are two types of halo neck brace available in the market. These can be categorized as soft neck brace and rigid neck brace. A soft neck brace is made of rubber with a cotton coating. It is used to give support to your neck and gives relief from pain after an injury. A rigid neck brace is made of plastic and padded liner and it is used to restrict your neck moments after there is a fracture in your neck. Both these halo neck brace options give you relief from pain after injury.

A halo head brace is medical equipment, which is used after there is severe cervical spine surgery or a fracture. It is ring shaped made up of metal and goes around your head and secure skull with 4 metal pins. Halo head brace is also attached with your vest to bear the brace weight.

If you are on medicare there may be some alternate options you can explore in making sure you get the right halo brace. Rules and regulations assosciated with medicare are often times different, so be sure you do your research. Read a medicare consumer guide to get information on how it works.